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Smoki - Smoke Like You Should.
The New Patent That Let You Multi-Task While Smoking.

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Smoki's 'Sexy' Rings
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Colors: Red, Green and Blue.
A Smoki For Your Car, Kitchen and Balcony.
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Smoki smoke like you should
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Smoki rings are the rings for all kind of smokes. 

It is the outcome of three years ​of planning the best design for the perfect smoking experience.
Multi-Tasker Guarantee
If Smoki Smoking Rings won’t let you multi-task, 
We’ll stand up and make it right. 

No uncertainty , no appeal to a manager, no mandatory waiting period. 
Just drop us a line and we’ll take care of it.
Be Prepared To Multi-Task
Today, Everyday!
Smoki best smoking experience
We use the best materials and design for you to have the best smoking experience.
smoki multi-sex
Unisex one-size design, meant for small and big fingers as one.
Smoki for cigarettes
Suitable with regular cigarettes, slim cigarettes, and even rolled ones.
With Smoki You Can Smoke While:
  • Playing video games
  • Cooking kings meal
  • Driving to the beach
  • Relaxing in the Hot tub
  • Reading a magazine
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